Global Tracking Systems is a global supply chain solutions leader

Our Mission

To provide our cross-industry customers access to custom best-in-class cold chain, personnel monitoring, and general asset monitoring and security solutions

End-to-end Asset Monitoring Solutions



I.L.C. stands for identification, location and condition. This is the core services proposition our products and services deliver. Our solutions incorporate hardware (RFID, BLE Beacon or RoLa), custom software development, and overall systems and applications integration (including GPS and cellular technologies).

Cold Chain Portal

An integral part of the Global Tracking Systems' solution is our web-based Cold Chain Portal. Our Cold Chain Portal is powered by CID Solutions, a web-based application developed by our Taiwan-based software team and compatible with various technologies, including RFID, bar code, GPS, and sensor technologies. The Cold Chain Portal is customizable and easily integrated into your company's existing enterprise software system. 

Integrated Food Safety Server (iFSS)

We live in a world where food safety is increasingly a concern

Today's food and produce supply chain is global, and as a result, more complex. An increasingly large amount of the food that we consume on a daily basis comes from overseas suppliers.

Creating accountability within a supply chain's stakeholders is critical to ensure the monitoring, safety, and efficacy of food and produce from farm-to-fork. A system that secures this vital supply chain goes a long way towards placing data and analytics in the hands of supply chain partners, creating operational efficiency and product safety for end-consumers. 

In partnership with Ryan Systems, Global Tracking Systems is in the process of developing and marketing a fully-integrated Food Safety Server that will combine multiple value-added features into a single, cloud-based web portal system.

The iFSS will be able to perform the following capabilities: 

  • Electronic traceability
  • Food supplier certification and control
  • Compliance data
  • Quantitative risk assessment modeling (ranking food suppliers based on critical food safety predictors)
  • Advanced shelf life calculation
  • Food recall support


Solution Partners

The implementation of customized cold chain and asset monitoring solutions is a complex task that often requires the joint expertise of many solution partners.

Global Tracking Systems partners with several industry-leading companies, leveraging the unique expertise of each company, to develop, refine, and bring our cold chain and asset monitoring solutions to our customers.

Our partner network is below:

  • ARTag
  • EPC Solutions Taiwan
  • GS1 Hong Kong
  • Ryan Systems
  • TransCert at the Sanitary Cold Chain

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